About Vitalife

Born out of our signature range of Matcha Tea, Vitalife Teas follow the same principle of providing a range of warm beverages that exceed the health benefits of most others on the market.

We aim to go above and beyond the health benefits of what competing warm beverages offer by being the first of our kind to adopt carefully-crafted blends of fine tea, beneficial herbs, and natural supplements – all working together to deliver results you can actually feel working.

Established in 2010 by health fanatic and serial entrepreneur Gavin Edley, Vitalife have since become one of the most popular brands of matcha green tea in the UK and, indeed, across the World.

Now, this extended range of delicious Vitalife Teas are quickly becoming the drink of choice for those people looking to lead healthier lifestyles.

You can follow Vitalife Teas on Facebook or Twitter and you can give our teas a try for yourself by finding a stockist near you or by ordering online with us.